Business Stories – Can You Really Learn Anything from Business From Success?

Business Stories - Can You Really Learn Anything from Business From Success?

Follow at Your Own Risk

Many struggling and fledgling entrepreneurs look to the stories of those that have succeeded as their holy grail and the only word on learning how to succeed. There is a long list of entrepreneurial giants and titans of industry who have amazing stories of success and accomplishment. We feel that there is so much to be learned by looking at and studying these remarkable individuals and there triumphs. And why shouldn’t we? They have succeeded and overcame many obstacles and challenges with sheer grit and determination. There is a lot there to be admired and respected. But does that really help us learn how to “make it” and not fall flat on our faces? The fact of the matter is probably not. Whatever it is you are doing or attempting to do is probably very different from any success story you have heard or read about. Even if it’s in the same industry, the same product or service, it’s nowhere near the same. The stories of successes are great for inspiration and motivation and that’s it, that’s where it ends. They are far from a blue print for the wannabe entrepreneur to follow. It’s not like following someone’s foot steps in the snow, which isn’t even that easy, you still seem to make your own tracks no matter how hard you try. As an entrepreneur you just can’t say I’m going to do exactly what he or she did step by step. Your success is about you and your vision. If we could just follow the exact steps one by one of those legends we admire so much it would all be so easy. But it’s not that easy at all. Entrepreneurship is a journey and very different for each of us.

The Recipe Lies in Disaster

Business Stories - Can You Really Learn Anything from Business From Success?

The real stories to learn from are the ones of failure, not the millionaires we wish to emulate, but the poor schmo who lost his kids college tuition on a restaurant that he thought couldn’t possible fail with all the food network he watches. Inspiration, motivation, books, seminars and business schools are all great but the proof is in the pudding. Every entrepreneur who’s had a new business they dreamed of starting was confident they would succeed. But the fact of the matter is odds are they will fail. Like I said there is not a lot to be learned from looking at someone who has succeeded. If you tried a thousand times to duplicate exactly what they did, you would not be able to. But chances are you will be able to duplicate, with remarkable accuracy, what all the guys who failed did.