Economic News Stinks, Rentership is Rising, Rates on Track to Remain Low, And Real Estate?

Wall Street may be happy. After all profits are up and rising. However, for those of us in the real estate business exactly where are we. The good news is that rates are stuck in low gear and likely to stay there for the next 12 months. The economies resistance to revival remains stubbornly in place.

Demand for oil in the United States remains tepid driven by the weak economy and by a populace determined to waste no more. U.S. savings is running consistently at over 4% and consumers continue to cut their debt, write off their mortgages through foreclosure, and other debt via bankruptcy. The U.S. consumer is saving cash and reducing outstanding liabilities at an unprecedented level.

Corporations are piling up cash in profits. Yet, Hiring is stuck in near neutral. As of this most recent quarter, the U.S. Federal Reserve predicts that this will remain the case as does a majority of economists around the country.

Foreclosure activity is increasing and the inventory of houses on the market is at 8.5 months and likely to continue rising for months to come because of the increasing foreclosure rate. At the same time, since 2004 the number of renters has increased by 3.4 millions and in the past quarter multifamily and rental vacancy has ticked downward in the face of this mostly discouraging news.

Economic News Stinks, Rentership is Rising, Rates on Track to Remain Low, And Real Estate?

Where does this the leave the real estate industry?

Keep in mind that behind all these statistics, the demographics point to sharply increased renting, steady population growth, and the transition of the Echo Boomer from dependents of their baby boom parents to heads of household. And, the credit effects of the downturn and emerging legislative environment will increase rental demand for years if not decades to come.

Investors and those interested in a rental real …

Invest Your Money In Gold Bullion

There are many people who invest their money in precious metals like silver, gold, etc. to earn huge profits. If you want to invest your money in metal then buying gold bullion is one of the best options.   Gold bullion serves you lots of benefits which you do not find in any other investment. With the help of Canadian bullion services, you can make your gold investment decision best and get the best investment deal. You can buy gold bullion in the form of coin, bars, pure gold jewelry, etc for investing your money. 

Reasons to invest in gold bullion 

Easy to store – you can easily store gold bullions in bank vaults so you don’t have to maintain it frequently. But for storing it in your bank vaults, it is important for you to have an account in the bank in which you want to store your gold bullions.  Charges of bank vaults are deducted from your saving accounts and the charges are quit low so you can easily store it. 

No counterparty risk – if you invest in other things like stocks then you need paper work and sharing party. So, if you don’t want to involve any party in your investment then buying gold bullion is one of the best options. It does not require any paper work for buying or investing your money.  If you need some money then you can also sell it on any gold jewelry shop for getting money. 

Protect portfolio in crises – financial crises can comes at any time so if you are a business owner then you should also invest your money in gold bullions. With the help of the gold bullion, you can also resolve all financial crises and maintain cash flow for your business. You can get …

Economic News – Hype Versus Reality

No wonder most people don’t understand economics. Often what may seem good on one side, has bad side effects on the other side. For example, the stock market goes up – people will think that’s good! But that is largely due to rising prices for bad oil news. However, often the price of oil rises because “experts” believe that the economy is improving and therefore more oil will be needed in production – good news! But the increase in oil prices caused the cost of living to rise – bad news. But it helps Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – good news! But that then causes inflation – bad news.

But inflation means the economy is improving – good news! But then the Fed became worried about inflation and raising interest rates – bad news! Which causes the value of the dollar to increase – good news! But that is detrimental to exports because now American products are more expensive abroad – bad news! But that means foreign products are cheaper in the US – good news! But that hurts the competitiveness of American companies – bad news!

If we think that political analysis and political chat are often more hype than others, the same can be said about analyzing economic news! You can easily see why economic news is often confusing. Economic news is often confusing because – what is good for one consumer, might be bad for another – what is good for one company, bad for another – what is good for one sector of the economy – bad for another.

Economic News - Hype Versus Reality

The stock market is often the most confusing. On days when there is “bad news,” the market often goes up, whereas on some days “good news”, the market sometimes goes down! While Dow, or S&P, etc., might …

Search Engine Optimization?

Canadian Search Engine Optimization Company @Edkent

Companies who are working online are getting more profit than companies who are not working online. From the past few years, online shopping trend is taking over the world. Now people do not want to waste their time in malls for shopping they prefer online shopping websites from huge malls. Which consume their energy and time both?

Now people are very busy in their daily life routine and don’t have much time for shopping as we see in the past. People marked days when they have to go for shopping. In the same time frame trend of building huge malls also came in the market and attract people to visit them. But now the trend is changed and people want to buy online.

This is not so easy for companies who started their operations only from the internet to start like Amazon. Because at that time the trend of online shopping is not so in. then people have some security concerns regarding online shopping. But companies who are doing business online minimize these threats and get customers to trust in online shopping. But that, not the only challenge which they are facing customer also have issues with delivery service and product quality as well in the start. So they work on that to reduce that problem as well. After that, every company wants to work online and start making strategies for that which increase the competition on online businesses.

So for that, they came up with different strategies that how to remain number one in the market. How they can show their products to maximum customers in very less budget. So technology helps companies here and came up with different software and marketing strategies which help them to increase their product reach to their customers. Search engine optimization is one …

Importance of Financial News & Proper Knowledge

Finance has always been a very busy and profitable sector which controls the economy of the world. The finance sector though is pretty profitable business but it not everyone’s cup of tea. If one has proper knowledge or guidance then only one can achieve success but without any proper knowledge finance sector is quite tough.

One has to follow financial news religiously to have a view on the market condition. It is better to collect as much information about the market condition so that one can think of investing money at the right time and right place. Financial news is what helps a lot in such conditions. Financial news plays a very vital role in making investors understand the market.

Financial news is a guide to help traders to maximize their returns and make wealth. Trading market is not an easy task. One can make good money by trading. People have lost millions of money too. This happens when there is limited knowledge about the trading market and wrong prediction regarding stock price movements.

The problem with financial trading market is that investors have to be correct over 70% of the time to make money consistently and that is a difficult task. Although there are tried and tested algorithm for the markets but sometimes in can doom you.

Market research analysis is quite an important aspect in financial sector. One has to take care of too many things for a successful outcome. Market research analysis is a systematic analysis of data related to the target competition or market. The sole purpose of market research analysis is for a clear and better understanding of the financial sector.

Online trading is a big rage among investors now a day. The internet based online trading activity is a big hit because …

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