What’s crisis management and how to face it thanks to media relations

A corporate crisis is an internal or external instability period resulting from a significant threat. A crisis occurs, for example, when a product or a service doesn’t keep the promises made to users or when a company member says or do something that is just opposite to corporate values and brand identity. Also, it is possible that a crisis occurs even when a stock exchange collapses, when a natural catastrophe happens or when any other event that does not concern the company effect on it.

In all these cases, the crisis generates a situation of instability, confusion and stress within the company, that must be adequately managed in order to prevent any possible negative consequence. If you are able to recognize a crisis when it occurs and if you are ready to face it, then you can be sure you are going to understand what crisis management means.

Let’s find out more about how to face a crisis thank to media relations right approach.

Media relations approach to crisis management

Every company, no matter how big or small it is, should be able to face a crisis when it occurs. So, it could be necessary to implement some preventive actions.

First of all, don’t panic! Everyone should try to keep calm because everyone could say or do things that could be potentially harmful to the company. Unpleasant situations can be avoided by controlling the spread of panic in each situation.

When a crisis occurs, everyone should also know who the contact person is and who will represent the voice and the face of the company in front of journalists or users. So, it could be necessary to establish a crisis management team and to identify a spokesperson. Usually these roles are entrusted to internal or external experts who gained high level skills in media relations management.

Crisis management team should be lead by an experienced professional who plans and develops suitable procedures. Surely, the whole company should be able to face troubles. So, it could be useful to establish and provide internal and external protocols, standard answers and a firm policy to be valid for all the staff members.

When an opportunity arises from a crisis

As Greek philosophy tell us, the word “crisis” primarily means “choice” and later “threat”. This is the reason why we can say that every crisis lies an opportunity, according with your point of view, of course. How is it possible?

Let’s think about Ikea Italy and the “hhsdjh” case. On February 2019, five meaningless letters appeared on Ikea Italy’s official Facebook fan page. The post received hundreds of shares and comments even if it was simply the result of a human error. The social media manager could have deleted the post and apologized with the fans but why he should have done it if this error generated such an high engagement? This is a crisis management case history from which we can learn something about adversities that lies into opportunities.

Someone says that a crisis is like the perfect storm. When the storm ends, we can see better what is happening around us. So, if you want your company to be ready to face adversities, these are the two essential things you may remember: have a plan B and be ready to seize new opportunities for your business!